11 European Destinations For Solo Travellers

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Travelling alone can be a hugely rewarding experience, especially in a place that’s bursting with enough culture, attractions, and scenery to keep you occupied.

To help you figure out where to go next, the European travel website RoutePerfect.com has released a list of the best destinations in Europe for solo travellers.

The ranking is based on data from over 100,000 trips saved and booked by solo travellers from around the world through the site.

From grand European capitals steeped in historic architecture and art, to cities with hip neighbourhoods and cheap beer, there’s something for every type of traveller.

Check out the top 11 destinations for solo travellers below.

11. Munich, Germany — This Bavarian city attracts visitors with its picturesque architecture, art galleries, and beer halls. It’s especially busy in the autumn during Oktoberfest.



10. Vienna, Austria — World-famous opera, ornate buildings, and fancy desserts make this city popular with solo travellers looking to take in some culture.



9. London, UK — Free cultural attractions like the British Museum and the Tate Modern make the British capital a popular choice.



8. Prague, Czech Republic — Gothic architecture, cheap beer, and a bustling nightlife means visiting the Czech capital is never a lonely experience.



7. Berlin, Germany — Home to the East Side Gallery and trendy neighbourhoods like Kreuzberg, history nerds and hipsters alike are drawn to Berlin.



6. Barcelona, Spain — You don’t have to travel to Barcelona with other people to appreciate the city’s gorgeous art and architecture, like Gaudi’s spectacular Park Guell.


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5. Florence, Italy — The Tuscan capital attracts art lovers with works by the likes of Da Vinci and Michelangelo. In the heart of the city, the dome of Florence Cathedral, designed by Filippo Brunelleschi, is a piece of art in itself.



4. Amsterdam, Netherlands — Whether you prefer to hop on a cycle or cruise along one of the city’s canals, Amsterdam is the perfect destination for active travellers.



3. Venice, Italy — Venice may have a reputation as a romantic city, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyed alone. The canal city is the perfect place for looking at art, riding a gondola, and walking its incredible backstreets.



2. Paris, France — “The City of Lights boasts fascinating architecture, endless history, rich culture, and amazing cuisine,” Boaz Lantsman, founder of RoutePerfect.com, told Business Insider.



1. Rome, Italy — “History, ruins, architecture, culture, great food, and nightlife” is what Lantsman says makes Italy’s capital the best destination for solo travellers in Europe.



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