12 fantastic gift ideas for people who love to travel

12 fantastic gift ideas for people who love to travel

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Seeking the perfect gifts for friends and relatives who love to travel? You can’t go wrong with these chic accessories and quirky gadgets designed to complement their adventures and make life easier on the road.
Whether it’s for avid adventurers or international jetsetters, here are some of the best gift ideas for travelers:


12. Stylish portable speaker

Helsinki wireless portable speaker


Buy the camper/glamper in your entourage a Helsinki wireless speaker, and they’ll be forever grateful. Inspired by the elegance and simplicity of Nordic design, this compact Bluetooth loudspeaker by Vifa sounds looks so damn good you’ll want one for yourself, too.


11. All-in-one leather caddy

Hitch & Timber leather notebook wallet


Handmade leather goods make wonderful gifts. Any stylish jetsetter will appreciate this handsome Hitch & Timber notebook wallet crafted from rustic vegetable tan infused leather. Sized to fit everyday essentials such as notebook, knife, pen, and cash/cards, the caddy is not only good looking, but also extremely practical, helping them stay organized while traveling.


10. The ultimate travel pillow

Adjustable Ostrich Pillow Go


A travel pillow is an essential accessory for any serious traveler, and the gloriously adjustable Ostrich Pillow Go, with its high-sensitivity memory foam interior, soft cotton sleeve, and hidden magnetic buttons, is one of the best options out there.



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9. Sleek self-draining umbrella

Kjaro Self-Draining Umbrella


Whether your friend is an urban thrill seeker or travels regularly for business, Kjaro Umbrella is sure to become his/her new obsession. Made in Italy, this sleek and compact umbrella comes with an ingenious self-draining case, preventing rainwater from dripping all over the floor once you’re indoors.


8. Collapsible water bottle

que Bottle collapsible water bottle


For the outdoor enthusiast in your life, consider this quirky, collapsible water bottle that perfectly complements any adventure while also being safe for the environment. Featuring an original spiral design, que Bottle is both fashionable and functional, ensuring proper hydration on the go.


7. Mini clothing steamer

BIZOND’s mini clothing steamer


Looking neat on the road can be tough, but BIZOND’s mini clothing steamer makes it easy to kill germs, eliminate odors, and remove wrinkles from your tightly packed clothes. This little fellow uses dry steam technology, heats up in just 25 seconds, and it’s gloriously portable. Perfect for business trips, weddings abroad, and pretty much anything in between!


6. Portable fitness kit

Flight 001 portable fitness kit


Your travel-loving friends and family can keep up with their workout routine anytime, anywhere with this portable fitness kit from Flight 001. The set includes three different resistance bands, a jump rope for cardio, and an exercise manual — all packed in a handy navy bag for easy storage and transport.


5. Beautiful pocket knife

James Brand’s pocket County Knife


With its high-quality Sandvic 12C27 steel blade and beautifully crafted walnut wood handle, James Brand’s good-looking County Knife is the perfect gift for adventurers. A modern, minimalist take on the classic slip joint, this tool is great for everyday carry, fitting easily into the front pocket of any pair of jeans.


4. Chic lightweight carry-on

EO Duffel Bag


Whether the traveler on your list is a frequent flyer, a road warrior, or a weekend wanderer, they’ll definitely love receiving this chic, quality carry-on as a present. Designed by Incase, the EO Duffel Bag fits all overnight essentials, including a change of clothes and a 15-inch MacBook.


3. Old fashioned travel notebook

The Adventure Log notebook


Every traveler needs a way to document his/her experiences on the road. And although nowadays most of us have a blog, a camera, and a couple of social media profiles to keep track of our latest adventures, nothing compares with the simple joy of writing things down in an old fashioned notebook, with an actual pen. With a generous Notes section and callouts for the Location, Date, and Conditions of the trip, The Adventure Log notebook by Word is the perfect gift for creative nomads.


2. Stunning Moscow mule copper mug

Moscow mule copper mug


Most long-term travelers have their own quirks and routines when out and about. If your pal is like Uncle Si from the Duck Dynasty, and loves to carry that special mug anywhere, get him/her one that will last forever. Meet the iconic Moscow mule mug, a stunning piece of copperware steeped in history and tradition, that can be used for serving everything, from the traditional vodka cocktail to cold beer and freshly brewed iced tea.


1. Topnotch traveler skin care kit

Traveler’s Skin Care Kit from Ursa Major


Spoil your favorite globetrotter with a Traveler’s Skin Care Kit from Ursa Major. From face wash and toner to moisturizer and wipes, the set contains all the skincare essentials for the trip — and they’re all natural and nature-scented.



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