3 questions to ask yourself to identify your strengths

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How do you identify your greatest assets, your deepest reserves of strength? Ask yourself these three questions:


1. What was the hardest time of your life? What tools did you use to get through that?
Whatever it was — the death of a loved one; a career, financial or academic setback; a health crisis, romantic breakup or an addiction — identify the emotional tools, social habits or intellectual assets you tapped into to get past that life event.


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2. What were your greatest successes?
These might be easily identified accomplishments such as earning a degree or a promotion, reaching a health or fitness goal, or building a business. What did you do that others around you did not? What did you do that was different from your previous behavior, the habit or attribute that served as your own tipping point toward success?


3. What gives you the most joy?
Your own personal achievements might not be evident to others. Perhaps you cared for a terminally ill loved one or have a special connection with your children. Maybe it’s gathering friends for lively evenings of conversation, or organizing people in your community for a greater good. In your own personal contentment lies a genius that should not be dismissed.


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