3 tips on how to leave your boring job

3 tips on how to leave your boring job

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How many people love their jobs? The jobs with the way-too-early alarm buzzes, bumper-to-bumper commutes and sack lunches? The jobs with endless emails, pointless meetings and paychecks that don’t even come close to reflecting how much value you’re bringing the company?
How many of us have dreamed, schemed and fantasized about quitting and to do something else? If this is you, abide by these core rules to launch your dream job.


1. Start your new venture first.
Gather some momentum and a sense of how much you enjoy the new gig — and its potential.



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2. Have a realistic financial plan.
New businesses are often rocky on the front end. Understand how you’ll pay your rent and grocery bills, and create a schedule for when you expect revenue.


3. Choose something you love.
Choose something you’re absolutely passionate about. Any career takes up so much of your time and energy, and an obsession with the business is key for success.



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