4 questions you can ask yourself to get unstuck and find work that you love

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Can people really make money doing what they love? It depends on whom you ask. Some people say, “Absolutely!” Others say, “It’s unrealistic.” And some say the better question is, “What’s the best way to make a profit meeting a specific need in the marketplace?”
Except why do you have to settle for either/or—passion or profit when you could go for both/and? Because going for both/and allows you to say, “Yes, I can make money doing what I love and yes, I can make a profit by meeting a real need in the marketplace.”


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Before you make the bold move to embrace a both/and mindset, though, you need to ask yourself the most important question: “What kind of work would I love?”
Here are four questions you can ask yourself to get unstuck and to find work that fits your passions:


1. What are your “thats”?
There are two types of powerful that questions to determine your work love language. The first is an internal question. Think of the times you’ve said, “I’d really like to do that!” What are those “thats?” Start a list.
Once your list is created, a few “thats” might jump off the page. But if they don’t, that’s OK; your list still contains valuable clues. Take all the “thats” on your list and Google something like: “How to make money doing __.” This strategy often unearths new moneymaking ideas around work you would love.


2. What comes easily to you?
The second “that” question to investigate is an external question. Think of all the times you have been asked, “How do you do that?” What are those “thats?” This becomes your next list.
We often miss excellent work ideas that are right in front of us simply because we don’t recognize the uniqueness of something that comes easily to us. We don’t realize that what comes easy to us is not necessarily easy for everyone else. When people ask, “How do you do that?” they are really saying, “You have something I want.” If you can connect what comes easy to you with something people really want but don’t know how to do, you’ve hit the jackpot for making money doing work you love.


3. Can you reshape your childhood dreams?
We all had career dreams as kids, except how many of us are now Jedi Masters or NBA stars? But that doesn’t mean our childhood dreams were worthless. In fact, tapping into those dreams is a great way to discover our work passions.
Want to figure out what kind of work would fit your work love language? Try revisiting your childhood dreams. Don’t necessarily look for a direct correlation (if you wanted to be an astronaut and you’re now in your mid-30s, I doubt you’ll be flying to the moon anytime soon). Instead, look for opportunities that might make you feel similar to the passion you felt about your childhood dream.


4. Are you dealing with reality?
The most successful people are successful because they’re willing to do what others are not. So while, yes, most successful people actually have found work they love, they view it differently from ordinary people.
Successful people realize that even with work they love, there will be some tasks they don’t enjoy doing — like if they love sales, they still have to fill out reports, or if they love working alone, they still have to meet with clients. I’m always fascinated when a person thinks finding work he loves means never having to do tasks he doesn’t enjoy. Get real — this job doesn’t exist! Instead, successful people find work that allows them to invest 65-70 percent of their time doing tasks they enjoy.
So, what kind of work would you love? Use the four questions above to help you figure it out what best fits your passions — and how you can make money doing what you love.



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