4 simple steps to overcome and stop procrastination

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Procrastination is the action of delaying or postponing something. But not all procrastination is bad. There are two types of procrastination: the positive and negative procrastination. Think about your self-talk right now. Is it supporting you and giving you legitimate reasons to put things off? Or is it an excuse you’re making because you don’t feel like doing something?
All procrastination comes back to what you say to yourself. Sometimes we say, “Oh, it doesn’t really matter. I’ll do that later. No one cares”. Or sometimes we might say, “You know, I just don’t feel like doing that right now”. That’s negative procrastination.


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A legitimate thing to say to ourselves, when it’s true, might be, “I need to take a little bit of time to gain more valuable insight before I make that decision”. That’s positive and strategic procrastination. Even if you say, “I need to sleep on it tonight,” that’s positive procrastination because you know you’ll make a better decision if you let your intuition work throughout the evening.
Generally speaking, negative procrastination is putting tasks off when you shouldn’t. To make improvements, you need to take charge of your time and your life. Follow these simple steps to overcome your negative procrastination.


1. Rise early.
Many people hit the snooze button for five or 10 extra minutes of sleep rather than rising when they intend to. It’s better to begin your day calm and collected rather than rushing around in the morning. You can overcome procrastination by starting your day on the right foot.


2. Create momentum.
By identifying and doing little things when you have open minutes here and there, you can complete enough small tasks to become more motivated. That momentum keeps you from procrastinating and helps you finish tasks with time to spare.


3. Motivate yourself.
Make to-do lists and mark off items once you complete them. There’s nothing like the satisfaction you feel when you accomplish something.


4. Practice Production Before Perfection (PBP).
This could be the most important of all the time-management concepts. It applies to most people, and that probably includes you. How many tasks are you procrastinating on right now because you want them to be perfect? It’s often best to jump in and make things happen first, and then you can perfect as you go.


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