4 things you need to do when your dream job doesn’t pay much

4 things you should do when your dream job doesn’t pay much

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When you had the opportunity to be employed in the field of your dreams, you’ve had a taste of the fulfillment that comes with doing what you love for a living.
We are willing to compromise everything — including proper and fair payment — to continue working in a field we’re passionate about, which would result to losing our freedom to pursue the lives and careers we love altogether.
The real danger in doing what you love for a living is liking your job so much that you’re willing to compromise what your time is worth to continue doing it.
If we can begin to accept that doing what we love for a living is part of our passion and not the singular definition of it, we can begin to think more creatively and holistically about how to build lifestyles that reflect all of our values and priorities. Here are some steps you should do when your dream job doesn’t pay much:


1. Design your dream life in every domain.
We’ve all spent time contemplating our dream jobs, imagining what it would look and feel like to do what makes us excited full time. Be sure to apply that same level of careful consideration to all of your lifestyle domains: relationships, family, health and finances. As you uncover what matters most to you, you’ll be able to give consideration to all of your values rather than blindly pushing toward your career goals without consideration for your other priorities.



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2. Consider your motives.
As you review your goals, think about the reasons behind them. Generally speaking, goals that work long term are based on your values, grounded in your desired feelings and largely within your control.


3. Refine your dream.
If you find that some of your goals are weak, either cross them off your list or think about ways you can transform them into stronger goals. This will give you an opportunity to consider new goals that better align with your motives.


4. Ditch the either/or approach.
Entertaining and exploring new approaches to career goals doesn’t mean giving up on them. Saying yes to non-career priorities like family and flexibility doesn’t mean saying no to professional fulfillment and doing what we love. Even if what you love isn’t what you do full time, working on your passion a little bit each day (even if it’s just 15 minutes) can still generate feelings of fulfillment.



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