5 of the Most Known Superfoods That Contribute to Better Performance

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Superfoods are best known for their nutritional value that contributes for healthy body and living. Getting on a diet and rigid workout may make or break you, that is why experts have advised to include healthy superfoods on your meals to avoid breaking up your run.

Here are 5 of the most noted Superfoods that will keep you going even on a diet.

Brown Rice


This type of rice gives full energy for endurance and its fiber keeps you feeling full for longer time. It prevents cramps by giving oneself an hour to digest before any workout.





This type of fruit is rich in bromelain, a type of nutrient that acts as anti-inflammatory mechanism that contributes to faster muscle repair. It is advisable take after every work out.


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Greek Yogurt


This type of yogurt is loaded with calcium that keeps bones strong and prevents it from fractures, a common work out injury. It is also rich in protein for faster muscle recovery.


Peanut Butter


This is the most common superfood everyone didn’t know. A tablespoon of it is rich in protein that contributes in muscle fueling and its healthy fats that can sustained energy.




Berries are good source of antioxidant, an anti-body that helps promote healthy heart, prevents from getting sick and can lessen soreness. Take in enough amount everyday.

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