5 signs you are cut out to be a Freelancer

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Did you know people have been making money freelancing for several hundred years? During the Middle Ages, medieval soldiers would offer their combat services and weapons — including their lances — to the highest bidder. They were free to serve whatever kingdom needed them, so each knight with a weapon was literally called a “free lance” for hire.

If you freelance, your clients might not need you to be ready for battle, but you will need to be ready to run a business.


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Being a freelancer is, in fact, one of the easiest ways to start a company. If you find clients to contract with you for a skill that you offer, then you’ve basically formed a business. A survey from the nonprofit Freelancers Union found that in the United States, about 53 million people do some sort of freelancing. Less than half of them work full-time for multiple clients, but they’re all entrepreneurs in the eyes of the law.

But how do you know if you’d be a good candidate? A freelancer business might work for you if:


1. You crave more freedom and flexibility than you can get working for a single company.
As a freelancer, you set your own hours and can choose which assignments to accept and reject. You also decide where you’ll work and what equipment you’ll use for your jobs.


2. You don’t want to rely on a boss for a raise.
You can choose to work more hours to get more business or market yourself to higher-paying clients to make increased income. You may be able to make more money per hour than an employee in the same position because companies won’t have to pay benefits when they hire you — you’re responsible for your own taxes and insurance.


3. You enjoy working with different people.
Chances are you’ll be working with new clients on a regular basis. In fact, one major benefit of being a freelancer and having several clients is that even if you lose one gig, your income won’t drop to zero. A client’s layoffs or firings won’t affect you the same way they’d affect an employee.


4. You like working from home.
When you’re a freelancer, you choose where your office is located, and many times, the cheapest and most practical place is a room in your home.


5. You have home office expenses.
Freelancers have more freedom than employees to deduct expenses from income, as long as those expenses are ordinary and necessary for business. Examples include cleaning costs for the home office, magazine subscriptions and the cost of creating a website. They could also include trips to restaurants and sports events with clients and potential clients.



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