5 tips on how successful people take control of their life

5 tips on how successful people take control of their life

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Some of the most important things in life are accomplished when we have a sense of urgency. And some of the greatest stresses we endure are experienced when we are bombarded and ambushed by the emergencies of life. What’s the difference? It’s the locus of control. Are the stresses coming from outside ourselves, or are they coming from within?
Successful people refuse to give their power away. Here are five things they do to take control of their life:


1. Successful people create a sense of urgency in themselves.
They get up each day with that urgent feeling in their gut. They don’t create anxiety, but they do create urgency.


2. Successful people don’t confuse activity with accomplishment.
They understand that busyness can numb us to complacency — allowing one day to flow into the next with no real desired outcomes. Let’s call it intentional urgency.



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3. Successful people don’t let emergencies derail them.
Their success is fueled by the urgency of the day, not the emergency of the day. When those inevitable emergencies arrive, it doesn’t derail them. They handle them as best they can and continue down the track. Outward circumstances are less compelling and urgent. An outer locus of control, with its plethora of issues, overwhelms us. We don’t need to find them. They find us. The urgencies they face are the ones they create. Even when they go fast, they are not out of control. They don’t rush. Rushing creates emergencies.


4. Successful people know what’s important.
Knowing what’s important to you creates clarity. That in turn reduces stress. This helps rid them of needless clutter that will slow them down. They understand that everything is not an option, so they focus on the priority thing — the urgent thing. There is never enough time to do everything, but there’s always enough time to do the important thing.


5. Successful people listen to the right voices.
Beware of the trolls in our head. They love to instill a sense of panic. Be vigilant. The troll is the voice of insecurity and self-criticism. Don’t feed the troll. That supplies it with more excuses. Don’t argue with it. That just takes up your time. Don’t attempt to litigate it. Your inner troll is an expert at swaying the jury. You create your own urgency and don’t let your inner troll derail those good intentions.
Practicing simple habits will assist you in avoiding serious hazards. By creating your own urgencies, you will discover a newfound power in your life.



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