6 romantic villas that will make your honeymoon dreams come true

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There’s nothing more romantic than the first trip as husband and wife after the wedding of their dreams.
A honeymoon is more than just the average couple’s trip; it is a celebration of a new union and can bring your wildest romantic fantasy to life. There are plenty of destinations that are a dream for newlyweds, but the most stressful part can be planning the accommodations.


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Where you stay sets the tone for your vacation, and nothing says dream getaway like a luxury villa with gorgeous views of the ocean or beautiful scenery. In case you’re still deciding where to stay for your honeymoon, we have a few suggestions for some romantic villas.


1. Villa Hippie Village – Marrakech, Morocco

If you’re not looking for something off the beach, head to the mosaic city of Marrakech, Morocco. There is rich culinary scene along with historic architecture to admire as you explored the city’s souks and landmarks.
The Hippie Village is an oasis surrounded by beautiful palm trees complete with an outdoor cinema, private spa, and yoga pavilion. It is the perfect setting for a private paradise just for two.


2. Buccaneer Beach House – St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands are a beautiful gem in the Caribbean that’s just a short flight away from the east coast. The island of St. Croix is known for its lush green landscaped and picturesque views all around. It is the perfect balance of nature and people that make this island a beautiful escape.
Overlooking the secluded sandy Whistle Beach at Buck Island, the Buccaneer Beach House is a plush six-bedroom enclave surrounded by majestic sea and gardens views. The property includes the main house, two cottages and a villa-style master suite while being a short walk from the Buccaneer Resort. It serves a spacious and ideal vacation with nothing to disturb you.


3. Villa Corossol – St. Bart’s

The French island of St. Bart’s has long been a retreat for celebrities and social elite, but it’s also the perfect setting for your romantic getaway. Located in a quiet fishing town lies the Villa Corossol.
The quaint one bedroom villa treats you to views of Gustavus with brilliant sunsets overlooking the horizon in the fishing village of Corossol. If you are looking for a luxurious, secluded escape, then practice your French and get ready for the five-star treatment.


4. Villa Treville – Positano, Italy

Just off the Italy’s scenic Amalfi coast lays the cliff side village of Positano, a beach town that serves as a popular holiday destination for international travelers and the setting to a whimsical romantic retreat. The picturesque scene from the coast is a view you wouldn’t believe, and there is no better place for a vacation for two.
The Villa Treville is a private garden estate comprising of several different suites that can be booked as a whole or individuals in a secret oasis with five-star amenities. Each suite is named after its previous owners, which serves a muse to many creatives. It is a perfect place to create your love story.


5. Ametis Villa Bali – Bali, Indonesia

In the southern region of Bali lays the small village of Canggu, a large stretch of coastline views and rural empty beaches. While the community serves as a famous place for overseas expatriates to live and surfing enthusiasts, it is also known for its beautiful villas like the Ametis Villa that is a nature lover’s dream that stays true to its rich cultural heritage.
The villa will make you feel right at home in the small South Asian village with its home-style concept complete with a personal butler and all the amenities needed to create a home away from home.


6. El Secreto del Moro Villa – Costa del Sol, Spain

The southern coast of Spain is home to the magical Costa del Sol, a gem of the Mediterranean coast that attracts visitors from all around the world. Hidden in the hills is the extravagant El Secreto del Moro that offers stunning views of the valley and in the distance, the Riff Mountains by the African border tapering off into the deep blue sea.
You can explore the different nearby cultural sites and hike the open natural parks for some quality time before you come back to your luxurious Spanish retreat.



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