7 survival tips when you feel overwhelmed at work

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Work can be stressful and overwhelming — even in jobs we love. Add in personal pressures, and work challenges can feel much bigger than they really are.
We can pretend that our professional and personal lives are in two distinct compartments, but life doesn’t work that way. We are one person — and work and personal always overlap.
In our families and at work, people always look to the most competent person to get things done. The busiest and those with the greatest responsibilities are the ones asked or expected to take on more. They are people you can count on. Sure, we all have unique personal and professional issues that are just a part of life. They are as different as each of us, but at some level, they all affect how we feel, show up and work.
When you feel overwhelmed at work — and there are also personal stresses you can’t ignore — these strategies can help you manage:


1. Decide what must be done today and this week.
It can be overwhelming to think about everything that needs to be done in the months ahead. Don’t. This “all at once” thinking can make us feel like it’s more than we can do. Instead, think very short term. Think today. Think this week. Write down due dates or block work time for future needs and let them go for now.


2. Know the best use of your time right now.
All of us can feel overwhelmed, like there is so much to do it seems insurmountable. When you ask what the best use of your time is at this moment, it gives you clarity and focus.


3. Don’t be the hero. Let others help.
If you are the “go-to” person at work and in your family, don’t overdo the self-reliance. Stop and ask, What am I doing now that someone else could do or at least help with? Now, for the hard part: Ask them to help and then let them. You can’t lessen your responsibilities while also being the hero.


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4. Remember what you can control and influence — and what you can’t.
We spend so much energy on parts of life that we just can’t change. Make a list of what is in your control and influence. Decide how to spend your time and energy here and set aside the rest. Focus where you can have an impact.


5. Put yourself first.
Lower the stress of life with healthy choices. This is very individualized. For you, it could be anything from yoga class or walking, to office culture or your daily schedule.


6. Talk to a good listener.
We often have answers to our problems, but we have to let them out. Talk to someone who can ask you the right questions or offer a new perspective. Go see a professional if you need more. It can make a big difference.


7. Ask yourself if it will matter in three days, three months or three years.
There are variations to this question. The point is that when you are really frustrated, stop and consider how much it really matters.

Will it matter in 3 days? If not, then it’s probably not worth spending any more time on. Find a quick resolution and let it go.

Will it matter in 3 months? If yes, this indicates importance and longer-term impact, so it’s probably worth a time investment.

Will it matter in 3 years? If yes, then it is essential in your life and deserves special attention. These are usually the big ones — relationships, happiness and work that makes a difference. Make time for these because they rarely show up as urgent items on your to-do list.
If work seems overwhelming, lift up and take another look. Is the frustration temporary? What can you do for yourself? It may be everything from being kinder to yourself, managing your time differently or even changing jobs.
Be your own greatest advocate starting today. If you aren’t, who will be?



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