7 ways to help you succeed in a job when other people want you to fail

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You have secured a new job or promotion, and you are excited to get to work. Unfortunately, not everyone is excited for you. Some are jealous. Others may feel you don’t deserve the job because you are a family member, or too young, or lack the traditional pedigree or experience.
It is not your job to manage the feelings of doubters, but it is important that you manage how you navigate the situation. As the underdog, this is your opportunity to carry on and show them what you are made of. Here are seven ways to help you succeed at a job people believe you do not deserve:


1. Ignore negative vibes.
No matter what you do, there will be someone who does not approve of you and your actions. Don’t let negative thoughts get to you. Shake it off. Believe in yourself.


2. Keep your “enemies” close.
Don’t ignore your colleagues who hold a grudge against you. Don’t isolate yourself. Isolation establishes a “you versus them” environment. Don’t sit alone at lunch. Don’t avoid eye contact in the halls. Be cordial. Say “hello.” Be professional, always.


3. Remember what unfairness or jealousy feels like.
While you don’t want to buy into the negativity, it is important that you take a moment to remember the times when you experienced jealousy or unfairness. Taking the opportunity to empathize and engage your emotional intelligence will help you navigate relationships with your colleagues. It will help you remember that these “haters” are human like you and not mortal enemies.


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4. Stay connected with your personal circle.
Working with people who dislike you is challenging. To maintain perspective, stay connected with people outside of work like friends and family members. These people in your life can help you to focus on what is important and remain positive.


5. Don’t work harder or longer.
You obtained your new job because of who you are and what you have accomplished. Don’t set out with an “I’m going to show them” mentality and start working harder or longer hours. You will quickly burnout.


6. Don’t focus on proving the “haters” wrong.
A common reaction is to prove the “haters” wrong. Don’t. Focusing your time and energy on proving others wrong takes away your focus on your work and the time and energy you need to devote to accomplishing the goals in your new role. Don’t risk misplacing your energy and focus.


7. Don’t become a dictator.
When people dislike you being in a particular position, the last thing they want is to be ordered around by you. Don’t tell them what to do. Help them get there on their own.
For example, instead of telling a colleague the course of action to take on a project, ask him to share a few ways of approaching the goal that you can both discuss. Don’t take away people’s autonomy. As a leader, this is your opportunity to empower others and be seen as a teammate, not a dictator. This is your opportunity to strengthen relationships, not cause resentment.
It can be a tough situation when you are excited about a new role and have people who believe you do not deserve the job. Take these steps to navigate the challenge, and set yourself up for success.


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