A Guy Running Google Chrome Revealed Secret Trick

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Earlier this week, Google announced that more than one billion people use the app for its web browser, Chrome, every month.
Rahul Roy-Chowdhury, Chrome’s director of product management, revealed his favorite feature while telling us about the news.
“Chrome’s password manager is the most awesome thing ever,” he said. “It’s saved me on many occasions. And it keeps getting better.”

Chrome asks if you want to save your password for that site whenever you sign in to a website. It’s super useful if you have a lot of accounts. Here’s how you can turn it on.

Hashflare 336 x 280

People already know about that feature.

“One less known fact about it is that if you’re creating an account for the first time on some site, it can even create a secure password for you (and then save it so you never need to remember it),” Roy-Chowdhury says.

That’s the real secret sauce. Usually, people are really bad at picking passwords. Even if they do manage to pick a secure password, many people will still use the same one on different accounts which is a really bad idea.

Chrome’s auto generation feature ensures that you’ll never need to remember your super safe password anymore.

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