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make-money-online-fastVanicci is a combination of my first names & an old friend's idea which later I've been using. My real name is Vanessa Dunford but you can call me "Vanicci" or "Vee" - whichever is fine. 🙂

Growing up on a simple town from the South region in the Philippines, I learned the value of hard work at a young age, and was exposed to what went into building an online business- and the idea that there were no hand-outs in life.

After earning my Bachelor's Degree in Nursing I became a licensed nurse in the Philippines but since it was hard to get a placement/work in my town I tried any possible way to help my parents and earn some money.

I left home very young to be independent & live my life the way I wanted. I struggled a lot to survive living in the UK, but I never gave up.

I worked as a receptionist, VIP attendant, Team Leader in various big events Cheltenham Racecourse, Earl’s Court Exhibition Centre, Emirates Stadium, Excel Exhibition Centre, Lord’s Cricket Ground, Madame Tussauds, O2 Arena, Olympia Exhibition Centre, Royal Courts of Justice, Stationer’s Hall, Guidhall Crypts and Wembley Arena - numerous!

I became a portrait/landscape photographer and became a proud member of a Worldwide Associations WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photography International), SWPP (Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers) as well as the SITTP (Society of International Travel & Tourism).


I did a lot of freelance projects & dealt with very stressful ones too. Basically, I was willing to try anything! Any possible opportunity!

Knowing nothing about online marketing, I became obsessed figuring things out from learning what terms like PPC, CPC, AVV, EPC, and SEO stand for.

I kept persisting and slowly results started to show up. Now, I have more time in focusing on things that rewards me in any form - experience things that I have never done before & able to travel to places that I have never thought I'll ever visit.

Currently in 2017, I am one of the very few online entrepreneurs who have benefited from this simple step by step training that you can also do.



🔥 🔥 🔥 @vaniccilondon: ✔ If you have a moment to read this post, you will get to know my true self & you will understand why I do what I do... 🇵🇭 ON THE LEFT is a genuine photo of myself sitting down outside our house. It's not photoshopped, alright? Big kudos to my brother for sending this beautiful image. YES, this was our living condition when I was a kid. It was tiny for 4 people (my parents, myself & my older brother), but we managed to fit there. When it rains 🌧️, the water from a nearby canal (a rather dirty water) would go inside & this would happen at night when my parents are sleeping on the floor. I had my bed so I was okay but they had to struggle every time this happens. 🇳🇴 ON THE RIGHT was taken outside Oslo Opera House which is the home of The Norwegian National Opera and Ballet, and the national opera theatre in Norway. This is situated in the Bjørvika neighborhood of central Oslo, at the head of the Oslofjord (behind me). I grew up telling myself that I do not want to experience the level of stress when there's a shortage of cash because it was tough, very tough! However, I wouldn't change a "thing" because it led me to where I am right now and to be the person I am today! I grew up facing numerous types of obstacles (being bullied in high school, family disownment, break-ups, pressure in academia etc.) but I've always looked at them as an Opportunity! I believe that there are 2 types of people in this world: 1. VICTIM or 2. SURVIVOR ...& I choose to be a Survivor! You've got to take every single challenge & obstacle as an opportunity! ➡🤓💪🔝 NOBODY CAN CHANGE YOUR MINDSET! It has to come from deep within you! I hope that this post made you feel grateful for what you have and what you're about to have. Remember, GRATITUDE unlocks the fullness of LIFE....Enjoy the rest of your Thursday! 💋💋💋

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"No Need To Label Yourself To Get To Where You Want To Be, Just Be Your True Self But A Better You!" - Vee Dunford




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