Architects Plan On Building One Of The Lost Wonders Of The Ancient World

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More than 2,000 years after the original Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, was destroyed in an earthquake, a group of architects wants to build a 21st-century version of it.

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Greece’s Colossus of Rhodes is one of the lost wonders of the ancient world

  • Now, a group of architects wants to rebuild it… BIGGER
  • The original was believed to be 100 feet tall
  • The proposed project would be nearly 500 feet and straddle the harbor
  • It looks a lot like the Titan of Braavos from “Game of Thrones”
  • The outside would be made of gold solar panels

  • The inside woud house a cultural center, library and lighthouse
  • The original was destroyed by an earthquake…
  • This one would be earthquake-proof
  • Two different structures without coming in contact each other, protecting the building from earthquakes and wind forces
  • The team is trying to raise $270 million to make the project a reality

Story by Tony Manfred and video editing by Stephen Parkhurst

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