Are You a Wage Slave?

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“Minimum-wage” is a hot topic these days.

There’s a fierce battle going on in countries around the world to raise minimum wage, or else to
keep it as low as possible.

People who work for a low minimum wage are said to be “exploited.” “Taken advantage of.”
Even “enslaved.”

Slavery - Human Trafficking

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It’s a source of deep frustration and anger.

But why stop with minimum wage? Could it be that people who are paid MORE than minimum
wage are ALSO being “exploited”?

It seems so. And here’s a good indicator:

Lots of people face very high demands on their time and self, and they’re just not rewarded
accordingly. They ‘sell themselves away’ for 40, 50, 60, or 70 hours every week, only to receive
minimal compensation.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not saying that everyone deserves to be paid a 200k salary. Lots of
people don’t.

But lots of people—NOT just the ones working for minimum wage—sell their work for FAR too

The second big indicator that you’re a “wage slave” is if you feel tied to your company’s
benefits. You feel caught doing something you don’t love because of the benefits you get.

The benefits keep you from considering other possibilities. And so in effect, you let a price set
by a company dictate the purpose and meaning of your life.



With MTTB, you’re compensated for ALL the work you do, ACCORDING to the value of your

There’s no chance for someone else to “exploit” you. You’re the boss. And so your effort will
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keeping you from your earnings.

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a few short years.

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