Chinese cryptocurrency exchange OKCoin to launch in South Korea

Chinese cryptocurrency exchange OKCoin to launch in South Korea

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OKCoin, a Chinese cryptocurrency exchange, is reportedly planning to launch in South Korea, possibly later this month or next month.
The Beijing-based firm is offering a partnership with NHN Entertainment — a Korean developer, publisher, and distributor of mobile and PC games — for the venture, according to The Korea Times.
The Korea Times reported that NHN is considering the partnership and an equity investment, though the move has apparently not been finalized yet.



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OKCoin was established in China in 2013, but had to shut down its domestic exchange operations in October 2017, following Chinese regulators’ crackdown on cryptocurrency exchanges. Since then, the company has shifted to an over-the-counter model, and turned its attention to international markets.
The exchange has already put in place the OKCoin Korea website and is accepting pre-orders for cryptocurrencies before the official launch. It aims to offer more than 60 digital currencies to be traded against the Korean won, according to the site.
The timing of the launch comes at a time when the nation’s government has issued restrictions on cryptocurrency trading activities and is mulling a harsher crackdown on exchange-based trading.
Cho Jung-hwan, CEO of OKCoin Korea, told The Investor that OKCoin is compliant with all the Korean regulatory requirements, and said, “there won’t be any problems.”



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