Croatia’s Skradinski buk waterfall is so popular that park officials have put a limit on number of tourists

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Croatia’s Skradinski buk waterfall, known for its 17 steps that cover about 2,625 feet in Krka National Park, has become so popular that park officials are now limiting the number of tourists who can visit it.


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Park management announced the change in an effort to both ensure safety for visitors and protect the area’s rich natural offerings, as stated in Total Croatia News.

Skradinski buk, according to the national park’s website, is one of the most visited parts of the park. Officials have decided to cap the total number of people who can visit at one time at 10,000.

Made up of travertine barriers, Skradinski buk has a network of paths and bridges that allow tourists to admire its cascading waters throughout the year. As the longest waterfall along the Krka River, Skradinski buk’s waters descend into a lower lake that has become a popular spot for swimmers.

There are also tiny, renovated water mills that have stood in the area for centuries. Some of them have even been converted into souvenir shops, eateries, and exhibition areas, while hikers can take advantage of a roughly 2,870-foot trail from both Lozovac and Skradin.

Those who visit the area will be directed to less busy portions of the park once the 10,000 cap has been reached to wait for the space to clear out.

The park stretches along the Krka and Čikola rivers and is known for its majestic array of waterfalls, so there are plenty of sights to choose from.
Visitors who want to witness Croatia’s stunning natural beauty can check out the Plitvice Lakes National Park as an alternative, where they’ll find a series of 16 lakes that connect to one another through a series of waterfalls.



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