Honda’s amazing experimental motorcycle can balance all by itself

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If you’ve ever pushed a bike down a hill, you know that two-wheeled vehicles can balance themselves when traveling at higher speeds. But when a bike is slowly cruising through a parking lot, in traffic, or at a stop, balance is handled by the rider. That can be a little more challenging on larger, heavier cycles like cruisers. That is why Honda is trying to make bike stability easier with its new experimental Riding Assist technology.



Based on technology developed for Honda’s ASIMO robot and its self-balancing scooter called the UNI-CUB, the Honda Riding Assist technology doesn’t use traditional gyroscopes for balance since they can add a lot of weight to a vehicle.



Instead, when the experimental Honda motorcycle is moving at speeds of less than three miles per hour — like when pulling out of a garage or starting and stopping at a street light — the angle of the front fork is automatically lowered to help improve stability. At the same time, minute left and right steering adjustments are automatically made to the front wheel to ensure the motorcycle always maintains its balance — with or without a rider on board.

There are many potential benefits this new tech could bring. For example; with a self balancing motorcycle, disabled riders won’t have to put their feet down at a stop, thus giving people who have previously been limited to trikes and sidecars the opportunity to get out on two wheels. It’s also very useful for people with shorter stature, since not being able to have your feet flat on the ground has always been an issue when riding a motorcycle.

There’s no word on when the Honda Riding Assist technology will be available on the Honda’s motorcycles. But seeing all of this potential, we hope to see it implemented soon.



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