How To Beat The “Guy With The Big Ego”

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Maybe you’ve experienced this before:

At every social event there always seems to be a guy with a big ego.

Cocktail in hand, he has a captive audience hanging on to his sage-like words.

He attracts attention because of a success story… that was made up to begin with.

But he flaunts that story around like a big fur coat, and the insecure party-goers swoon around
him and give him the “oohs” and “ahs” he wants.

It’s a fake story. But it gets the guy what he wants: people’s attention.

The internet marketing world is FILLED with those “guys with big egos.”

And a lot of newly minted internet-based home businesses are taking the hit…

– Because of a fake testimonial they trusted

– Because of a hyped up product that promised the stars

– Because of a click bank scam

It’s infuriating.

In fact, odds, are… if you’ve been into internet marketing for a while you’ve felt the burn of
betrayal before. The burn of a product that turned out to be as empty as the guru’s “success.”

So if you’re sitting at your computer, reading this post, and wondering how to get on the safe
road to success WITHOUT getting burned by the phonies…

Here’s the key to finding something that WORKS:

Look for something with a track-record.

There’s no substitute for good old-fashioned proof. You need PROOF that you can trust a
product, PROOF that you can trust a system.

People can manufacture almost anything. But you can’t manufacture numbers(unless you’re a
flat out LIAR).


Hashflare 336 x 280


MTTB’s done-for-you system, with a high-converting sales funnel, personal coaching, and a
customer service team to boot… it’s backed with numbers.

Matt Lloyd has personally paid out $51,000,000 in just a few short years, to the people savvy
enough to use his system.

MTTB takes in ignorant, inexperienced wanna-be entrepreneurs and churns out knowledgeable,
well-resourced business owners, over and over again.

That’s where that “51,000,000” came from.

It’s $49 to join. And if you don’t like what you see, you get all your money back, no questions

Just look at the numbers.

And when you’re ready…



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