How To Develop Your Own Successful Leadership Style

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As a leader, you may not embody all of the traits possessed by famous and successful CEOs, and that’s OK. It’s important to know which traits come naturally to you and which may not.

While you don’t have to follow all the advice you receive, remain receptive to new ideas. As you accumulate experience, examine your actions and ask for regular feedback to discover your strengths and weaknesses.


To develop your own leadership style:

1. Find a variety of mentors
Mentors can provide experienced perspectives to help you determine the best way to respond to business challenges. These mentors could be peers, potential investors or leaders from entirely different industries. But don’t just rely on your mentors’ experience.


2. Search for case studies
Consume as many news stories, articles, documentaries, books and blog posts as you can to learn how others approach challenges.


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3. Network to gain additional perspectives
Take advantage of workshops, conferences and other opportunities focused on leadership development to learn new skills and network with others who can offer diverse points of view. Many of the leaders you admire aren’t superhuman — they’ve honed their ability to utilize their best traits to drive positive change within their organizations.

Your approach to a situation can mean the difference between positive mental health and burnout, profit and loss and success and failure. When you learn to harness your greatest strengths, you become a better leader and a catalyst for change.


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