LinkedIn Moved into Their Extraordinary New Office in San Francisco

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A skyscraper everybody called the LinkedIn building has risen at the corner of Second and Howard streets in San Francisco’s SoMa neighbourhood. The entire building is being leased by LinkIn.


It finally opened last month. The company invited press to view the impressive hardwood cover lobby. LinkedIn has sent us some photos of the offices taken by one of its engineers, Tony Chung, and it looks amazing.


We have seen a lot of over-the-top tech company offices, both in San Francisco and in Silicon Valley to the south. But LinkedIn’s new building has a ton of stuff we’d never seen before.

Check on the Company’s beautiful lobby all made with wood.

Looby wood

The second floor wall gives message that reads, “FOCUS”.

wall message

The third floor is the well made cafeteria.


Hashflare 336 x 280



Where there hangs a board that features the names of the sources where the cafeteria gets its food.


And decorations that reminds employees not to waste food.


The new building also features a fitness Center for Employees


The kitchen is completely covered in Gold


The new building is a true innovative and fascinating. A venue where production and happiness takes place.


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