Make Money Like George R.R. Martin

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There is not a more popular writer than George R.R. Martin right now.

He has a huge fan base that is loyal to a fault. His books are gobbled up in the millions
every time they are published. And his books are so well written that he is compared to John Ronald Reuel Tolkien (author of the classic high-fantasy works The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and The Silmarillion)

But he had all that before his books were adapted into the most popular T.V. show on

Game of Thrones.

And then popularity of his book skyrocketed.

Now Martin’s fan base is made up of not only readers but also a wider range of viewers.
And there is rarely and episode of Game of Thrones that doesn’t flood the Internet with
stories about who died or what happened after it airs.

It takes Martin awhile to write his books though. So long that some of his fans criticize
him for making them wait.

That’s why when he announced that his newest book was going to be released behind
schedule it was expected that people would be angry.

But they weren’t.

Martin’s fans told him to take his time and make sure that he did his best work instead of worrying about deadlines.


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He is such a talented writer that in a day and age when people can’t sit still for two
seconds without pulling out there phone his fans told him to take his time.

That they don’t mind waiting as long as what he puts out is up to the standards of his last


Because Martin has a style and story that works. It works so well that people don’t care
about waiting to read it. They just want to read it.

Now unless you are a fan then you may be thinking this post just wasted your time.

But it didn’t.

Because it is YOU, the key to a system that works just as well as Martin’s at making you

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