Microsoft Secretly Launched Kaizala, a Slack App Competitor for Android

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Just last month, Microsoft has secretly introduced a free work chat applocation designed for Android phones and tablets that called Kaizala.

Kaizala is the latest android application from Microsoft Garage, the company’s skunworks for experimental apps. It is believed to become a competitor to a $3.7 billion application called Slack which is still new in the market.

As per Google Play Store, Kaizala is described as an application that will help get work done by tracking bills, jobs, location and other more information with a simple chat.

In summary, it is designed to compile all important information directly to a chat room with colleagues and Customers. A vision similar to slack and other chat apps such as HipChat and Atlassian.

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The main work of Microsoft Garage apps is to have a consequence-free sandbox testing for new ideas on iOS and Android. They must make sure that it work well with find their way back into the products Microsoft actually sells, like Windows and Office 365.

It will never be a question that Microsoft sees Kaizala as an important app for all-important Office 365 business in the future. The early reviews on Google Play app store can testify to that as more of the reviews are positive.

But in reality, Kaizala’s future depends on what ever feedback Microsoft gets and integrates it with Skype, as it works to stave off the threats given by existing and upstart apps like Slack.


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