My Top Tier Business, MTTB Scam? Let’s Get Things Straight!

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***Don’t Sign Up for MTTB/My Top Tier Business Before You Watch The Videos In This Article!***

Why My Top Tier Business (MTTB) is NOT for everyone?
This is a very extensive review, that’s why it is rather long.
Also, this is my FIRST EVER video presentation.

I’m very sorry if I’m EXTREMELY slow. I will definitely improve next time. 🙂
This video will provide you with a rational analysis, real data and facts so that you can determine whether it is for you or not.

Why do I think so?
When we encounter opportunities for the first time in any field, especially  if it involves time, money, new information and action- most of us will just step back! We do this because of many excuses/reasons; “Oh, this is not my thing”, “I am happy working 9am-5pm”, “I get paid per hour” etc. Okay, I completely understand that everyone is different, hence I made a statement that it is not for everyone.

When someone opts-in into My Top Tier Business (MTTB) program or any programs inside My Online Business Education (MOBE), they are provided with all the strategies that they need, basic tips and techniques to start their online business. Unfortunately, some people are not able to implement them in a sustainable way because they haven’t got the mindset.
Having a right mindset is really critical to run any business, whether it is online or offline.


Matt Lloyd (CEO & Founder of My Top Tier Business-MTTB and My Online Business Education-MOBE), answers the question in his BLOG

VIEW HERE: Episode 262 – “How does he handle it when someone writes something negative about him or his company-MOBE?”

If you search for “Is MTTB A Scam?” in Google, you will see tons and tons of articles saying that it is a scam. They will lure you in by using MOBE/ MTTB’s name,  but all they do is just try to promote their own products.

Also, if it is a real scam, then why is it still operating now- for 7 years already?
They have live events every single month all over the world and they are very successful.




Here’s another one of Matt Lloyd’s responses:
Episode 264: “Why Do People Think That Upsells Are A Scam?”


I have seen other companies in the same “make money online” niche who are cheaper than MOBE, but I realised that I just wasted my time because these cheap/free-to-start companies are nothing compared to what MOBE offers among their partners/affiliates. These other companies that I’m not going to mention have a NON user-friendly  back office, a very poor support team in case if you need any assistance, and the interface is so confusing for any newbie in online business that it is just a big headache!

A lot of people say that MOBE is over-priced but I personally believe that every single product they offer is worth every single penny. This is just my own opinion anyway.


Hashflare 336 x 280


How John Chow Made Over $125,000 In 1 Month with My Top Tier Business


Also, I just want to address this as it is very important.
Big time affiliates such as John Chow, Shaqir Hussyin, Carolina Millan started in MOBE many years ago and they are doing a fantastic job in scaling up their own business.
Please feel free to search for them in Google, Youtube or any search engine that you can think of.
Even though they are very successful in running their own businesses, they are still currently promoting My Top Tier Business and other MOBE products.
Why is that? Because they believe in the products that MOBE sell and of course they are making lots of money. It is quite obvious really.


At the end of the day, it is up to you to decide, nobody is forcing you. This might be a solution to your problem or maybe not. If this is not for you, there are tons of other companies out there to start an online business with, but be very careful.


If you are interested to apply, it is $49 to join.

I highly recommend this because you are leveraging their support hotline (customer service department) for your future customers queries/concerns, product fulfillment, payment processing, highly trained phone sales staff that will make phone sales FOR YOU (they follow up on your leads and close the deal), access to a 30-Day “Traffic” Plan that will show you cutting edge strategies for generating traffic online today including YouTube, Facebook, Google, Bing and more.

100% Risk Free. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Nothing to lose to be honest.
If you think you are not ready or for some reason you do not want to continue, just ask for a refund and MOBE will return your $49 without any questions.


Start here:







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