Philips launches new smart “candle light bulbs” that offers adjustable brightness and colors

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Thanks to wide compatibility with products like Amazon Echo and Google Home, Philips Hue is the “Kleenex” of smart LED bulbs. Up until now, the company has only done a standard-sized bulb, but it has finally released a pair of smaller socket “candelabra”-sized (E14 size in the UK and Europe) smart bulbs: the White Ambience Candle and Color Ambience Candle.


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The White Ambience Candle gives you smart control of dimming just one color (white, obviously) and the Color Ambience Candle lets you “sync your lights with your music, TV or games, or control via your smartphone, switch, wearables or other smart accessories,” Philips explains in its press release.
By plugging it into smaller lights often used in bedrooms, you can set the Hue Candle to emit melatonin-enhancing warm light in the evening, and more energetic blue colors in the morning, for instance.

The bulbs can pump out the equivalent of 40 watts and a color range from 2200k to 6500k, ranging from warm white to cool daylight. You can also set it up to take voice commands from your Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Home device or fit it into almost any smart home system.
If you have an eclectic mix of light fixtures, the new bulbs should help you get more fully automated. However, be prepared to pay, as the bulbs won’t come in starter kits at first, so you’ll be paying $50 for each White and Color Ambience Candle. That’s a pretty expensive way to create a romantic mood instead of using, say, an actual candle.


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