Revealed: Ridiculous CEO Salaries

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The Economic Policy reports that top CEOs earn 300x the average person.

A whopping 1,372 hours of full-time minimum wage work is needed to match a single hour of Walmart’s CEO.

That’s ridiculous.

In 2015 top CEOs got a comfy 16% raise over the previous fiscal year for a collective
compensation of $5.2 billion.

What if you took in the same salary?

Imagine working for 1 week, and then taking the rest of the year off—to sit back, maybe kick up
your feet at a luxurious beach resort…


Hashflare 336 x 280


The problem is you don’t make that much. None of us do – or ever will.

But that shouldn’t stop you from increasing your income. To increase the ‘margin’ of time and
money in your life.

If someone else can rake in 300x your salary, don’t you think you could double or maybe triple
your worth?

This may seem like a far-fetched dream, but it’s closer than you realize.

MTTB is a highly greased selling system that’s primed to increase your revenue stream.

Walk through the 21 steps, work with a coach, and launch a home business in the internet
marketing niche.

You don’t have to manage a team… pick up the phone… or hammer out customer service

Grow the business, grow your income, increase your margins, and free yourself to reach for
better things.

But see for yourself if MTTB is for you. Don’t take it from me that it’ll work for you.

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