Tech firms that pay the best entry-level salaries

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Compiled by benchmarking website, here are the tech firms that offer the best overall pay deals for their newbie employees who are looking to score a big starting salary and bonus. The list is based on data submitted by more than 600 employees with less than three years’ experience.

The respondents had a range of jobs, including programming, finance, human resources and marketing. Most submissions came from Europe and the U.S.


1. Amazon
Staff at Amazon enjoy the highest salaries and bonuses by a long way, with the median worker making $109,000 per year and getting a sweet $22,000 bonus. But the company also has a reputation for having a grueling and sometimes unforgiving work environment. (Amazon says a New York Times investigation last year misrepresented its working culture.)


2. Apple
The iPhone maker is the only other company that boasts a six digit median salary for young workers, at $104,000. Apple’s (AAPL, Tech30) $16,000 bonus pushes the overall pay package to $120,000. “Our table-toppers have such an aggressive pay policy for juniors that they are closing the gap with the financial industry,” notes Emolument in its research.


3. Google
The company often tops lists of the best employers for new grads because it promises generous job perks, opportunities and salaries. But some may be surprised that it’s not top of the pack for pay. The median salary works out to $86,000 and the median bonus is $20,000.


4. Cisco Systems
This is another American company with generous starting salaries, although the bonuses are smaller. The median salary at Cisco (CSCO, Tech30) is $67,000 while the median bonus is $1,000.


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5. Oracle
Larry Ellison’s company is known for offering high salaries but apparently no bonuses to its junior staff. The median salary at Oracle (ORCL, Tech30) is $67,000.


6. Microsoft
The software giant pays its entry level workers very respectable salaries and bonuses. The median salary at Microsoft (MSFT, Tech30) is $58,000 and the median bonus is $9,000. This means it ties with Oracle overall.


7. Telefonica
The Spanish telecoms firm is the first on the list from outside America, reflecting a big gap between pay at U.S. and European tech companies. The median salary for entry-level workers at Telefonica is $45,000 and the median bonus is $4,000. “Telecom operators pay very respectable starting salaries but don’t come close to the big forward-thinking tech firms in our list,” Emolument said.


8. Orange and IBM
Neither company pays bonuses to its junior employees, according to Emolument. And both Orange (FNCTF) and IBM (IBM, Tech30) pay a median salary of $48,000.


9. SAP
The German software giant offers a lower salary — $44,000 — than Orange and IBM. But add in a median bonus of $4,000 and that puts it on a par with the French telecoms firm and Big Blue.


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