There Is No “HAPPILY EVER AFTER” In The Real World

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Friends and mates may change or leave, luck comes and goes, and there are no guarantees. The only certainty is that someday your life will be over, and only you can decide how it will be lived.

If you want a happy ending, you need to create it. Think about it. When would “Happily Ever After” start? After you win the lottery? Most lottery winners are broke within three years. When the wedding bells ring? Over half of all marriages fail. When you retire? 95% of those over 65 live from check to check.

Stories have to have happy endings, because the story ends before their characters do. Real life is different. You’re going to live until you die, so you need to have a plan for every day of it.

Choose your goals, write them down, and track them daily.


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Your life will happen by accident unless you have a plan for it. Either way, things will happen to you. Every day of your life, after every climax, every tragedy and every triumph, the sun will rise again. You get a new day every morning of your life. And as long as you’re alive you’ll have to prepare for that next day and the one after that. So respect reality. Think as if you have a future, because that’s where you’re going to spend the rest of your life.

I present this in a generic sense, so that you can apply this to every aspect of your life. This relates directly to your business and how you run it as well.

I challenge you to incorporate this into your business practices, partnerships, and ethics.

This will undoubtedly lead to more success.


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