Try these 4 approaches if you want to work from home

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Why do we all have to sit in offices up and down the country from breakfast time to almost dinner time, five days a week?

Because those are the rules, right?

To work somewhere that you can incorporate into your family life, instead of letting your family life suffer for your work, is something to be thankful for. It does not only make you a better, more motivated employee, it will also make you more likely to stick around for years to come, rather than taking your talents elsewhere.

You can make your working week work for you. You can change “the rules.” And here are a few tips on how you can do that.


1. Ask!
It’s pretty obvious — and I apologize if you don’t need this level of hand-holding — but if you don’t ask, you don’t get. You might work for an organization that’s considering offering more flexibility but isn’t sure how interested the workforce might be, or the higher-ups may never have considered it at all. If you merely ask, you can be the forerunner, the one who proves the benefits of being flexible. And then your colleagues will bow down to you forever more.


2. Get your fact on
That said, although loads of organizations now offer flexible working, companies like Yahoo have even banned all home working, saying it has become a barrier to collaboration, team effectiveness, and fostering a company culture. That’s probably what you’re going to be up against, so make sure your reasoning lays out the benefits in a way that your manager can’t refuse.

For instance, does your boss know that, according to, 47% of workers try to appear more visible when working from home by sending more email and making more calls than they would in the office? If you’re in a creative role, you might want to mention that 38% of workers feel more creative when they’re able to work more flexibly. Home workers also call in sick less often; they can be less stressed and tired, as they don’t have to commute any farther than the kitchen, and they may feel able to work from home on a day where they couldn’t face bringing their cold into the office.

Use all of these facts to your advantage.


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3. Prove it
If the numbers aren’t making your case, try this: When you are struggling to complete a large piece of work or desperate for some peace so that you can concentrate on finishing an important report, get out of the office. Settle down wherever you feel most productive — at home, in the local café, it’s up to you — shut down your email, and focus on nothing but the task ahead.

Once you complete it in record time, it’ll be cast iron proof that you can get more quality work done when you’re not at your desk surrounded by ringing phones, grumpy colleagues, and those people who say “Oh, are you eating lunch? I’ll just ask you one quick question then.”


4. Be open to compromise
Your company might not be ready for 21st century working practices, and you may have to be the person to push it kicking and screaming into a bright and shiny future. But you don’t want its progress to be at your expense. If you’re offered a trial, of maybe one day a week at home, with a review after weeks — take it. That’s your foot in the door (your own front door, weirdly enough).

And don’t forget: The point of mixing up your working week is to enhance your work-life balance, letting you enjoy your work more and making you an effective and loyal employee.



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