Why you should learn to say no to interruptions, and how?

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Usually, people fear telling their interrupters there’s no time for them.


Also, entrepreneurs are uncertain about how others will perceive them and what they’ll will miss if their interrupters are deflected. After all, the main interrupters aren’t telemarketers or pop-up ads, but your co-workers, bosses, family, friends, and customers.

It’s not an easy decision to tell someone that uninterrupted time is needed. It sounds selfish. It might even sound weird in today’s team-player workplace. When people say “quality time” these days, they usually mean quality time with somebody.

But if a person is developing great things of a creative or difficult nature, they may not emerge if the individual does not learn how to reserve uninterrupted time. Here’s how:



1. Banish the fear of expressing a need for what I call “time locking”
This is when time is set aside time for someone to work alone on a task that will profit from concentrated attention. Entrepreneurs are less less daunted to try many things than other people and even thrive on a little risk. See a risk, size it up and take it on.


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2. Create certainty out of uncertainty
Fine, it’s impossible to know what co-workers and clients will think when telling them, “I’m time locking until 3 p.m. unless there’s an emergency.” So think through how to emphasize that giving the leader time concentrate on a task is in their best interest. How this message is said it is just as important as what’s said — the language, etiquette, tone and posture. Then try it out and improve on.


3. Use a time lock wisely
An entrepreneur starts a business after having a vision, a dream or at least a darned good idea. Use a time lock to advance that idea with the best thinking. It might take a little practice; after all, there’s an addictive quality about today’s interruption culture. But stay with it until becoming energized, not anxious, about being able to work uninterrupted.



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